Alex Milman: How to start generating leads with Peoplerr?

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How to find the right customer for your company? How can you gather a contact database to present your product to your target audience? Is it profitable to hire a lead generation agency or can you do it in-house? Check this article by Alex Milman, CEO at Peoplerr, to learn more about new technologies that help you find your client in the international market.

How can Peoplerr help in finding the right clients?

Peoplerr is not just about simply connecting companies with potential clients, it rather provides a database of thousands of companies that align with specific criteria. With the help of cutting-edge software solutions, we utilize company websites, data, and databases of Crunchbase, ZoomInfo, LinkedIn, and other platforms.
Our experts also take a proactive approach and reach out to your potential clients via social networks, conduct pre-sales, and organize meetings. This ensures that your client is well-prepared to discuss your product or service during a meeting. We do all the time-consuming, resource-intensive, and costly work preceding the sales.
What you need is to select a date and time for a video call, so that we can discuss the details and offer a solution to your problems. This will allow us to dive into the details and give tailored solutions.

What to start with?

Our number one recommendation is to do research before entering a particular market. It is essential to start studying potential customers, collect metrics, and assess the volume and competitiveness of the market before switching to lead generation. In short, you need to use Customer Development to understand who your customers are, what their needs are, and what solutions customers are willing to pay for.

Why should you outsource lead generation?

In large companies, the entire sales chain is usually handled by a dedicated team. However, for small companies or startups, it is not feasible to hire dedicated staff, search for contacts, and build a client base.
This is time-consuming and requires a large budget. Thus, in the case of a startup or a small developing company, an excellent option is to outsource the search process to experts and they will come back with tangible results within a specified time frame.
Before outsourcing, it is crucial to study the company's success stories to understand if it has experience in your field. An assessment of their track record and expertise will give you confidence in their ability to effectively execute the entire process on your behalf.

Pros of working with Peoplerr

First, we are not simply a lead generation agency, but rather a consulting company that can provide clients with the various tools they need to solve numerous problems. This refers to lead generation, reporting, account security, and other issues.
In addition, Peoplerr teams are in touch with the client throughout the entire process. A team of a project manager, data analysts, an automation manager, and a sales manager are collaborating on each case. Our main markets are Europe, the USA, and MENA countries. Furthermore, with our expertise in these countries, we can overcome the specific challenges of these markets.

Our story

During my career in international companies, I could see how much time the sales professionals were spending on collecting the target audience and contacts. My idea was to automate this process using various tools and techniques. Thus, I began to offer companies help in finding potential clients. Businesses faced the challenge of finding leads during the COVID-19 pandemic when it was impossible to hold meetings and visit conferences. It was during this period that we began to gain momentum and acquire more new clients.
Our company’s advantage lies in our practice of thoroughly testing all technologies in our company before introducing them to clients. Today our company consists of over 20 skilled individuals, and we proudly serve a diverse portfolio of 100 clients spanning various industries.